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My computer is dead, I was getting loads of BSOD back to back and was unable to figure out what the problem was, i was hoping that it may have been Software but have since begun to think that it is hardware. I lost the ability to boot into my system and made the call to wipe the drive and try for a fresh install but was met with new problems. After my install disk unpacked all of the files and made for a reboot the system would then hangup and restart while on the splash screen. I then booted from a recovery disk i made of the same system and was surprised to see that it then gave me a BSOD. I fear that it may be bad ram since i am running a memtest86 right now and getting well over 65535+ errors. I am going to try and use some other ram i have to see if things run a bit smoother and if that is the case then RMA it is.
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  1. Bad ram most likely followed by bad slots on motherboard or memory controller on CPU. I would start with the ram.
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    Be sure you are checking the memory one stick at a time. Highly unlikely both sticks would have the same number of errors. So if only one stick shows errors, it is probably a RAM issue. If both sticks show errors, it may be MB related.
  3. Well i ran the tests one stick at a time and one of them failed instantly while the other preformed as it should. I switched them out for another set that i have and everything seemed to work out. I was able to re-install windows 7 and i have not had any crashes yet.
  4. Most ram today has lifetime warranty so you should be able to RMA the bad set!
  5. Well even though i got it figured out moments after i posted this, thanks guys. Reading all the other posts and forums helped a lot.
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