Bad RAM? New computer build.

Programs like excel and flash etc were crashing so I ran Memtest86+. Using two sticks of 8gb DDR3 and I got a bunch of red lines so I removed the sticks one at a time and switched RAM slots to see which one was the issue or whether it was the Motherboard. As soon as I removed one of them the memtest ran clean so I assumed the removed stick was the bad one. I tested it to make sure and it was good, which confused me. I then tried both at once and there were no errors so I assumed it was just a seating issue and moved on.

Unfortunately the same issues started happening again after running my programs so I ran memtest again and once again got errors.

What's the issue here? Why do the sticks run both good and bad? I can't figure out which one is bad because as soon as I remove one it runs as clean.

As of right now I'm planning on just returning the RAM but the situation seems atypical so I don't want to go through that when it's something else.

Edit: Computer parts list:

Thanks guys!
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  1. What mobo, CPU and model # of the DRAM, have a feeling they sticks aren't set up correctly
  2. (OP)

    There's the build order. Right how have ram in 1st and 2nd slots.
  3. (OP)

    XMP was not enabled, just enabled it, still ran bad data on Memtest.
  4. Try the DRAM voltage at 1.55
  5. (OP)

    Disabled XMP which had it set at 1.5, set back to auto and changed voltage to 1.55.

    No change in Memtest results.
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    Might try raising the VTT or CPUVTT voltage a hair + 0.05, it's you MC (memory controller) voltage, if no joy, may simply be you did get a bad stick
  7. (OP)

    No luck.

    Sending them back, any brand/model you would recommend as my replacement? Also thank you so much for the help.
  8. I'd go the GSkill Snipers or Ripjaws X in 1600/9 (1.5)
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