Best mSata-->PATA 60 Gb SSD for Notebook

Hi Everyone,

I need to upgrade an old HP Notebook with supports only mini-IDE 44 pin 2.5 HDD with a new mSATA SDD.

The reason for this 'mSata SDD' choice is to not have to deal with space constraints or be forced to use the internal CD/DVD bay for this storage upgrade. So the small mSata+ adapter should fit inside the current 2.5 HD bay.

Which is the most reliable combination of a msata 60 Gb SSD + PATA to mSata adapter?

Thank you,
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    I have not used any of those adapters yet but do see some with decent reviews but I thought I would mention that there are PATA SSD's available such as this one from Transcend 64gb ($80)
  2. popatim,

    Thanks for your reply but from one side I will not spend $239.95 for a 64 Gb SATA SSD... and on the other side I was looking for ' msata 60 Gb SSD + PATA to mSata adapter' combination.

    Anyone else, please?
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