Will this 1.65V Ram work with my motherboard?

I recently purchased this HyperX Ram: It is stated to run at 1.65V. I plan to run it on a MSI A88XI AC motherboard, which seems to support only 1.5V ram based on this page:

Should I be worried, or will the ram I purchased still work with this motherboard?
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  1. 1600mhz memory that needs 1.65 volts? Return it, its not quality memory.
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    They will work, with your mobo and a APU, would be better with faster DRAM, the integrated GPU in the APU uses your DRAM andwill run much better with 1866 or 2133 sticks...also just for info 1.65 is way high for basic 1600 sticks, over 90% or available 1600 DRAM runs at 1.5 or less, including the high performance 1600/7 and 8 DRAM
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