Made a mistake. Ran my new PC first time without heatsink. Has it survived?

Hello everyone. Just finished building my new PC. I didnt notice when I ordered the PC without a heatsink. I have now ordered a heatsink. The CPU is an Intel Core I7-4930K. Impatient, I literally pressed the power button and there was no life. No lights, no fans, nothing. I did not attach the heat sink as I thought I would only see if the fans spun and then wait for the heat sink to arrive and get on with windows and other stuff. Seeing as there were no lights e.g. power light (and there was a PWR LED connection on my Corsair 650D. I need to know if the CPU would have been fried. I hope not as it cost over £430. Just checked the underside of the CPU, no scorch/burn marks. Thanks
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  1. Check all power plugs. So youve never actually had it on without the heatsink?
  2. no, did not connect monitor or anything
  3. does this increase the chance of the CPU surviving?
  4. so what did you connect, just the cpu to the motherboard with the psu?
  5. The computer didnt start. So there was no chance to generate the heat that would have fried it without a heatsink. So unless you have a dodgy unit... Its Alive! :)
  6. I had everything connected, 2 DVD Drives 2 HDD + 1 SSD. CPU was in correctly, 8 pin atx12V, 24 Pin Main Plug. It is a modular PSU. I had the graphics card plugged in as well. The plug was a 15 amp plug with a UK adapter as that is what my corsair AX750 came with.
  7. if there is no burn mark then you can RMA it. in here many people do it without any issue as long as there is no burning mark, no scratch , no physical damage the seller will take it and give you a new hardware after a couple of days later. but note that when the hardware's price is high it can be difficult to RMA it because then they check it carefully but it's all depend on the way you talk and how you communicate with the seller and the physical marks on your CPU and whether they exist or not and the replies to the questions the seller ask. don't tell him you didn't use a heatsink tell him it didn't work you checked it a couple of times and since it didn't work you thought to call the seller.
  8. Well it seems alright by the sounds of it. I'm not going to RMA is as there was no sign of life from the PC, stone dead. I will troubleshoot that once I get the heatsink (Cooler Master 211 I think). I will probably breadboard if worst comes to the worst. Thanks guys
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