New MOBO BIOS bad?

A88X- Pro MOBO
kaveri APU
Finally installed and getting to the Post mode, followed by the BIOS. The Asus tech told me that I should update the Bios. The first one told me about the flash button mode..First I had to D/L a file, rename it and to omit the cap extension. Then insert it in a particular usb port only. Once I did that, to press the Flash button briefly, 3 seconds and remove my hand. It did flicker briefly and then went to a solid light and stayed that way. he said it did not work. In the meantime I have been setting up my desktop for to install my OS, via USB boot. I set it up in the bios and when I exited, I was asked if I wanted accept the change. I said yes and a message appears that it had not been saved. this has been going on all day. Another tech said I should reinstall that file and this time include the extension...I did, that did not work. Now, I can't even get it to post, though I am still able to get into the Bios...but it would not save any boot that i offer. Can i replace this Bios without returning the MOBO,? Is there a way to fix this? I am too nervous to ask those tech's because they disagree with each other and I have no confidence in them.
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  1. Did you ask them over the phone or on a forum?
  2. Asus tech support always tells you to update the does most other manufacturer's cause it's the quickest way to get you off the phone. But now that you have done it, here's how to do it correctly. Also note tho it's called FlashBACK, and oft described this way .... this method is not ONLY to go BACK to an old BIOS, you can upgrade ya BIOS using same method. The sources below should eliminate any confusion. Whetehr you use the CAP extension depend son the BIOS version

    Asus required me to upgrade from 0804 of they refused to continue on the tech support call.... and after doing BIOS updates literally hundreds of times, I have not been able to hit the same OCs I had with 0804 with any BIOS since.....across several builds.
  3. If you search your owners manual for that board it will tell you exactly how to relabel the file and step by step instructions on how to use flashback. Not all Bios are as good as the last one. for my Board they have bios version 2003 out and If i update from 1903 my OC becomes unstable. all boards are different even being the same model when it comes to how they run on what bios version.

    read the manual and the links Jack gave before trying anything else. Good thing is the PC does not need to run to update the bios just have the power supply plugged in. anytime the Bios gets changed in this manner you will have to reset the bios settings as they will get wiped.
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    unzip the bios renamer into the same folder as the bios file and run it is sure rename the file a88xpro.cap
    copy that file to a fat 32 usb formatted usb stick. turn the power off on the mb. clear the cmos and then press the usb flashback button.
  5. losffff said:
    Did you ask them over the phone or on a forum?

    Always over the phone its a saturday, so maybe one gets the first tier. do not know if rhey have second tiers of techs.
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