Rebuilding the Dell Studio XPS 9000 (formerly Studio XPS 435t)

I bought a stripped (no hard drive, no video card, and no power supply) from my neighbor for $50 dollars.

Intel Core i7 920
6GB (6 x 1GB) DDR3 1066
Dell X501H (OEM motherboard by Foxconn)
Dell Studio XPS 9000 OEM computer case

I later realized that the OEM motherboard doesn't support overclocking, which is a shame since Intel Core i7 920 is such a good overclocker.

Should I upgrade the motherboard for overclocking? I realize that x58 motherboards now a days are insanely expensive. The cheapest one I can find right now is refurbished ASRock X58 Extreme and that is $110 dollars and $14.99 dollars shipping.

Also, what video card and power supply should I choose for this computer? Of cause the latter is depend on the former. I want a video card that wouldn't be bottlenecked by the processor.

Finally, should the computer case be replace? The cooling isn't all that great: 120mm (2/3 blocked by front panel) for intake fan and 80mm exhaust fan. There's no holes for mounting additional fans.

I am actually not missing much since the original system shipped with Geforce GT 220 1GB, generic "475W" power supply, and 750GB hard drive. :ange:
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    depends on your build funds. the cheap build would be a cosair 430w unit for 20.00 and a 750ti card. with old system a 760 or a 7850 card would be the fastest i go with a 650w ps.
  2. Please keep in mind that if I stick with the OEM motherboard, overclocking wouldn't be possible.
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