Odd Laptop Rollback + HDD/SSD Alert error notification + Action center issues

So I woke up one day to turn on my Toshiba laptop then I notice that everything looks like it got reset to factory settings (all my folders and files in desktop are gone, every program looks like they need to be installed and browsers have no add-ons)?
A warning icon in the taskbar says that it is unable to detect HDD/SDD alert in Toshiba (Error notification- Unable to get disck information, can not use alert feature)
and I was wondering if this was the case. Also, it seems most of my files are strangely intact though. Recently, another action center warning says "The Windows Security Center can't be started". I've used about half of 400+Gb storage.

My friend told me it was an odd rollback and he told me to ask you guys bout it :). I've received an answer from Yahoo answers though, to go for hard disc recovery.

I refuse to use the browsers on that laptop since I worry that my tabs will be gone if the problems were solved. I have also backed up the data on an external hard disk just in case. I do have some problems like battery life and fan problems with the comp but so far there were no issues til now. IT JUST SUDDENLY APPEARED LIKE THIS ONE DAY ;_;

Anyways, I just want to know what's wrong, what's causing this and what I should do. I probably need this for further studies soon so please help. Oh, and if possible please try to answer as simple as possible since I'm not familiar with techy stuff.. thanks :)
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  1. Hi Orzetsubou ,
    try a system restore to an earlier time when it was working m8
  2. can you help me run through this? Don't want to screw something simple... :)
  3. Best answer
    sure , go to start panel, click on all programs/accessories/systemtools/system restore
    there will be an option to restore your computer to an earlier time , select that and you should have a calander thing with earlier restore points that have been saved , select one of those when you know your computer was working ok and try to restore it to that date
  4. you have to wait untill it is all completed , your system will reboot and tell you when done if it was sucessfull , hopefully it works for you
  5. Oh my, it was unsuccessful. I tried it for about 3 times now and there is no other date to restore but the one where everything went wrong :( but it did reboot. I've also run hard disc scan and still no difference. So what should I do now?
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