Graphics card too old or software issue?

So I bought a desktop and it had windows xp pro on it and then I put windows 7 home premium on it and now graphics card not really working like YouTube videos after 1 or 2 seconds it says error and minecraft is black I've downloaded and reinstalled java. There are no drivers for widows 7. I've tried the vista one but no luck. It is a Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 or Nvidia GeForce 5200 FX , one of those
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  1. What a crappy card: I think its too old for support so you won't find drivers.
  2. If there is no Windows 7 drivers then you can't run it fine. Better downgrade or replace the gpu with a Geforce 210 for just 20 or 25$ only since your pc is old.
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    i7Baby said:
    What a crappy card: I think its too old for support so you won't find drivers.

    That is really not accurate.

    Op, i'm affraid you do need a new gpu.
    W7 doesn't support it.
  4. Buy a new gpu tht card is too outdated
  5. That sounds like a very old system, it's certainly a very old card, can you provide full system specs, please?
    Also, grab a copy of GPU-Z and see what it says about the card, we need to know if it's AGP or PCI-E, if the system uses an AGP slot you're out of luck, there will be no drivers available for Win 7 that will support an AGP card
  6. If you have an AGP slot, that will greatly limit your options for a replacement. You'd have to try to track down an AGP version of the Radeon HD 4350 or 4670, there are some out there, but they are likely pricey now. Those cards do have a driver for Windows 7, but I wouldn't do anything too advanced with those cards, they aren't native AGP, but PCI-E cards with an adapter chip to convert their signal to AGP, and as such can be a bit flaky when running in 3D mode.
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