To SSD or not to SDD

Is it worth buying a SSD for my storage? They are faster, yet this price tag is a lot more.
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  1. Hi canning_s
    no do not buy an ssd for storage it is a waste of money only an ssd for your operating system , a storage drive should be a HDD as prices are way cheaper and hold so much more data , if it is only a storage drive then you do not need the speed of an ssd and you will be very limited as to how much you can store on an ssd vs a hdd
  2. So it is worth buying an SSD for the OS? How much of an increase in performance do I get from having a Windows 8 OS on an SSD drive rather than on a storage drive?
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    Yes - its worth having a SSD for the OS. It cuts your boot time in half. It speeds up loading Windows programs too. It'll cost you about $100US for 120GB and you'll have to reload your OS onto it.
  4. Am I correct in saying that I would not need more than 120GB if the drive is just for the OS and some important games?
  5. no not at all ,
    firstly an ssd will help with faster game loading and saving times but will not improve the FPS( frames per second ) of the game , only a good cpu and or good graphics card will achieve more fps.
    stick with a cheaper HDD for the bulk of your programs and or a small ssd for your operating system. I only use a 60gb ssd and have over 500gb of programs that i use plus over aTB of games
    How do i achieve this , instead of installing everything to the ssd c/program files i install to another drive , after windows 7 install and only programs i require speed to execute i still have 50%of 60gb free. i play many high end games , farcry3,crysis3 etc etc all installed on HDD
  6. and yes an ssd for your operating system will give your pc a new lease of life , boot times will be so much faster and programs installed on your ssd will be so much faster it is worth doing but you dont need a large ssd to do so as i mentioned
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