Dell Inspirion 1750 making the Click of Death sound in the hdd

Hey all I have a Dell Inspirion 1750 has started to make the click of death sound in the HDD. I have a seagate 3TB ext hd that has everything backed up. My question is there anything I can do with what I have to take stress off the HDD to make it last a little longer while still using the computer?
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  1. If it's dying it's dying. The only way to take stress off of it is to stop using it.
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    On a non-laptop, i would buy a new hdd, use that for windows, and use the old hdd for non-critical/important data.(without using it for virtual memory)
    That should prolong its life, but it can permanently fail at any time.
    If i were you i'd save all my data and replace the hdd asap.
  3. Thanks all I am going to get an ssd to replace the hdd I have now and then move the other stuff over.
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