CPU Z showing wrong core speed

asus z87-pro

cpu z was working fine until one day I noticed that the core speed was displaying what my max speed should be, even when it was really in idle. The thing is, it's not stuck on a single number, it fluctuates from 4.4-4.5. Based on hwmonitor and perfmonitor the cpu is definitely not being loaded, the temp is idle temp ~35 and the core graphs show idle, but cpu z shows 4.4-4.5

I originally had the asus version of cpuz that you dl from their download page, when I noticed the problem I uninstalled it and tried to use the version directly from cpuid site. Same problem.

Has anybody had this happen before? thoughts?

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    Hello there,

    The feature which reduces and increases your CPU frequency based on CPU usage is called Intel SpeedStep. Now with that said, perhaps it was disabled in your BIOS? Which in my opinion would make sense.

    You may enable SpeedStep in your BIOS; look for anything called SpeedStep, or enable both C1E and EIST. Depending on your board, they are usually located within "Advanced CPU Options."

    All the best.
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