water cooling pump directions

RP-1250 water cooling pump instructions say...

"Attach the included power harness
to the location on the rear of the
unit marked “Power”. To this,
connect a 12 Volt 4-pin Molex
plug from your power supply."

But Enermax 1350 PSU has accessory connectors
which include a 6x2 connector @ power plug that splits to (2) 6 wire + 2 wire leads.

So, I just disregard the molex noise
plug right to 2-pin power lead at pump?

Or, is power thru 6x2 too much vs. sata/molex/peripheral 5 pin lead
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  1. Best answer
    no do not disregard their instructions.
    you will have 4 pin molexs (the big four pin plugs) use these like the instructions say.

    The 6+2 are pci-e connections the +2 are a ground and sensing cable.
  2. cool, thanks - will have 2 pick up
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