SATA 3.5'' Hard drive: I care about what it can do

Hi All,

I do not know if it exists for the SATA hard drives, but is there a guide or charter explaining the standards to be met in terms of manufacturing standards for disk black / red / blue / green / purple?

I immediately respond to the question "what do you do with your hard drives", "I do not care what anything WAS designed to do, I care about what it can do."

In fact, I need to do some cross-analyzes on specific environmental factors. For example, the MTBF of a Black vs RED in a room at 30 degrees, for example.

It is possible that this type of data is confidential by each manufacturer, but like the RFC, the standard is certainly public and could be a good starting point in my analysis.

Do you have any idea where I could find this kind of info?

Thank you


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  1. Hi

    Those specific colours for grade and type of hard drives relate only to Western Digital hard drives so you will probably only find the detailed information on their web site.
    ( I do not think there is a standard in the sense that there are standards issued by standards organisations like:- ISO, EN, DIN & British Standards)

    Only relevent standards for modern hard drives made by all hard drive manufacturers is the ATA standard


    Mike Barnes
  2. Hi Mike.

    Hummmm, ok. So the color is refer only to Western Digital HDisk. I was on the impress that the color signification has a standard like the RJ45 cable color code or was following the MotherBoard SATA socket color.

    Ok... that's doesn't help me in my analyze. What kind of HD you will recommand for a monitoring server with many database IO (cacti or zabbix) into a CAB where the ambiant temperature is about 25 deg C? Like anybody, I search a 99.999% avaliability.

    RAID 1 can be an option.


  3. Best answer
    If it's going into a cab, then I'd consider an SSD if you can afford it. If not an enterprise hard drives like the WD RE or Seagate Constellation would be better than desktop drives because they provide higher vibration tolerances.
  4. Thanks GhislainG, so 2x WD Black will be my guest!
  5. Martin Leduc said:
    Thanks GhislainG, so 2x WD Black will be my guest!
    Though it's more expensive, I would consider the WD RE (Raid Edition) before the Black, but the Black obviously is an excellent drive.
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