Is this water-cooling setup possible?

I want a triple 780 Ti set-up now, so I wanna know is it possible to just water-cool two of them and leave one air-cooled? Or must I water-cool ALL of them? I'm doing this to fit my budget.
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  1. It is possible, but i see no reason to do that because you will keep the noise of the one with fans. Also you could get problems with fittings, so make sure you got some 90 degrees angled ones.
  2. Oh, I won't bother about noise. My case has AcoustiPack Ultimate Sound Dampening.... if that helps?
  3. What is the reason you're watercooling at all?
  4. Water-cooling produces less heat and allows more overclocking headroom.
  5. Yeah but you can't really overclock the newer nvidia cards anyway and they're really quiet so it sounds like a waste of money for you to be honest
  6. I'm going with a 5.2GHz i7 4930k and a tri-SLI 780 Ti setup, water-cooling loop is H20 (Stage 6) Frostbite Liquid Cooling System (CPU and Dual SLI)
  7. do you know how much work and stress a water cooling loop comes with?
  8. To be honest, all I want to do is water-cool the CPU, but there're two extreme options here: (since I'm configuring a XoticPC custom gaming desktop) H20 Stage 3 CPU Only (with only a 240mm rad), same for stage 4 and 5. Only stage 6 offers 360 rad + 240mm rad watercooling but it's CPU and GPU, no CPU only option. From what I've heard, 240mm rad is not enough to cool a six-core 5.2GHz processor
  9. It's a 4930k, six-cores, frankly it'd be a laughable waste of money not to overclock it.
  10. Ok, so i understand you're buying a custom build PC, but do you know how much maintenance a loop needs? 240mm rad will be fine (45mm thick) for your CPU only, more than fine actually. But i would think about it first if i were you, you need to drain and clean the loop every year if you want it to keep functioning perfact and you will also have to keep an eye out for any leaks and if the pump still works etc etc it really takes a lot of your time and patience running such a loop. I'm not trying to scare you or anything i just want you to know before you go in way over your head :p
  11. I'd have to tone down my overclock to stock speed with a 240mm rad, which would give a great FPS decrease of about 15fps in games. The reason I need such a heavy-duty set-up is because I'll be playing games like Crysis 3 or Metro Last Light with maximum settings and 4x MSAA at 4K. Plus, I don't want an oven in place of a gaming rig.
  12. So I guess Id have to change my question:
    Is a 240mm radiator water-cooling system + Corsair Air Series High-Performance Fans (6 fans) enough to cool an i7 4930k @ 5GHz and 3 780 Tis?
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    If you're gaming in 4k might i suggest getting AMD cards as they have a wider memory bus wich should help you at that resolution. And don't look at expected fps numbers, as with that cpu going from overclock to stock you should not be having any difference. Just go with a quiet air cooler (like a noctua dh14) and be done with it. If you really want to go custom water cooling, you need to read a lot more on forums like about watercooling wat your needs are and how you're going to accomplish them. I would advise against buying a pre built custom loop as you're never sure what's in it and what kind of maintenance it needs. First just read a lot about custom loops / rads / hosing / cooling liquid / reservoirs etc and then come back here.
  14. Well... OK then. But thing is, the website says it's closed loop doesn't need maintainance. So I could just watercool the CPU and 2 cards? I don't need to cool all 3 of them? I thought that might be the car, as doesn't SLI mean the cards are connected together? Sorry, I'm new here :)
  15. Could you link me the website so i could have a look?
  17. And this is the watercooling info page:
  18. Where does it say anything about being maintenance free closed looop?
  19. I saw a picture for the water cooling system, it's a closed loop
  20. Offcourse it is a closed loop but it's not a maintenance free closed loop. E.g it's not built to last long if you don't do your maintenance
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