Backup strategy from NAS drives (ReadyNAS 314)

I'm a photographer and generate large numbers of large files. If I lose these files or they corrupt I am in big trouble. So I invested in a Netgear ReadyNAS 314 (4x2TB disks) to give me a degree of onsite redundancy in case of disk failure.

However I also need to implement an off-site strategy. Before I had the NAS I would just copy the files over onto two external drives and rotate them.

I've been going around in circles with regards to the best way of backing up my files in the new era. I know that Netgear has its own backup software, and I also have Acronis premium installed.

The thing is I like to see my files rather than have them bundled into some kind of opaque file.

Am I being too paranoid? I'm also concerned that the back-up will get confused as I will be backing up by rotating between two different external disks.

Any wise words of help, reassurance or assistance?
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    If you want to have them on an off-site place why not use a cloud server or something along those lines?
    Here is an example.
  2. sync it to another nas on another site is the safest way.
  3. Austin & aatje92 - sorry I should mention that I live a rural area of the UK where the region's internet is powered by hamsters on small wheels. I get c.0.5mbps if I am lucky otherwise I would set up a LAN somewhere else. Which, I think, leaves me with no option than to physically attach drives and back-up that way.

    4TB hosted using 3rd party cloud is nigh-on prohibitive.
  4. Doesn't the readynas have a backup button? If so you could just backup to two disks ( so repeat the process on two disks for redundancy). Other than that i'm out of ideas.
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