would a 500w psu be enough for amd r9 270

i am thinking of building a PC and I am thinking of getting an amd fx 6300 with a amd r9 270. Will the corsair CX 500w 80 plus bronze PSU be enough for the PC?
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    Yep that's more than enough, be sure to buy a psu from a reliable brand though!
  2. Yes it is but there are much better PSU's on the market than the Corsair CX.
  3. Yea but i recommend you to buy a 600W if u can afford tht is.sometimes if u OC ur card 500W wont be enough.Try to buy a frm a good manufacturer like Corsair,Thermaltake..etc.and dont buy a coolermaster PSU.
  4. the cx500 is an excellent budget choice, and it will be enough to even overclock the CPU and GPU.
  5. That power supply is good enough for that build. What is your budget and where are you located? Might be able to find you a better, higher quality psu within the price range.
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