Best i3 processor for gaming (from haswell and ivy bridge)

Hi guys i am going to build a budget pc with little gaming...but cant decide the best i3 processor from haswell or ivy bridge :(... I will be playing games like gta 4 , grid , dirt 2 and 3 , nfs the run, rivals and mw (all not on ultra but medium settings). Here are the components i would be going to install..
4gb corsair vengeance 1333 mhz
430-450 w psu
gpu- gt630 or amd 6570 ddr3
But not sure about mobo and CPU I would like to spend atleast 120- 130 dollars for cpu... So please help :??:
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    Haswell, price wise the I3 4130 is the best of them.
  2. What's your budget?, will try to build you something that might be better
  3. I would get a amd fx 6300 for that price personally. The only i3 processors for that price are duel core and the fx 6300 is more powerful for the same price. to anwser your question the i3 3220 ivy bridge and the i3 4130 Haswell are in your price range.
  4. And the haswell is probably slightly better than the ivy bridge.
  5. finally thought for i3 4130 the way fx 6300 had a too high power consumption :)
  6. A GT630 or HD 6570 are very low end cards, I would rather spend a little more on the gpu than cpu personally, unless you are playing at 1280x720 those will have a hard time with medium settings at 1080p
  7. will gt 640 or 6670(ddr5) be sufficient??
  8. It depends on your monitor resolution, either of those cards should do medium on 720p but don't expect them to perform on medium on 1080p. For 1080p medium you want at least a 650 or r7 250. Right now there is a sale for an r7 260x 1GB for $89.99. If you can afford it you'd have no problems running those games on medium even at 1080p.
  9. The i3 4130 is the best cpu in it's price range and that is including the FX6300. Don't waste you money on a GT640 or HD6670 or less. Get at least a GTX650ti, GTX750, HD7770, HD7790, or R7 260x at minimum and preferably a GTX750ti, GTX650ti boost, HD7850, R7 265, or R9 270. Even if it means you wait and save up the money.
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