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I have some Frames problems with playing and recording DAYZ.
On maps like Panthera i would get frames like 50 max and thats near the coast but i normally average 25-30 within cities or away from the coast. Recording DAYZ footage also drops the frames alot! Even on low settings.
Can someone please me?
My specs: amd fx6300 3.4ghz
evga superclocked gtx 770 2gb
1x250gb of seagate hdd 7200rpm
1x1tb of wd hdd 7200rpm
8gb of ram

please reply thanks
EDIT:my friend has a much shitter pc than mine and he can record at 30fps fixed
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    Why not to use nVidia "Shadowplay" recording program which comes with "GeForce Experience"?
    Shadowplay is a lot better than "Fraps"!
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