what is a good gaming integrated graphics card motherboard under $110?

I probably won't have any issues with running any cards... I have a 500W power supply, 8gb of ram, 1.5 tera hard disk, and cooler master CM 690
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  1. Huh do you mean cpu + grapics card or do you mean a grapics card? I would go for a nvidia 750 ti for the grapics and for a apu i would go for a amd A8 prosessor
  2. I mean a motherboard with an integrated graphics card- built in.
  3. Those are very bad with low quality grapics..... i qould go with a apu then.
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    Most motherboards that having integrated GPUs are only good for normal daily use.
    Some AMD motherboards come with an HD 4200/4250, which is enough to handle Source games and other light-usage games.

    Intel CPUs have an integrated GPU that can be uses without having a graphics card.
    One Intel motherboard by Zotac has a GT430 integrated into it, which is a decent GPU for light gaming.
    It's pricey though.
    Why do you ask such a question (just out of curiosity)?
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