I want to know what would be the best graphics card for my GA-M68MT-S2 motherboard

Iv been wanting a new graphics card for a bit now and currently have the ATI radeon HD 5400. when I play up to date games like pay day 2 I have to play it with lowest setting and lowest resolution and there is basically no point playing. PLEASE HELP.
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    as per your processor and budget

    you can get any pci-e gpu you like.,3107-7.html
  2. will it not bottle neck
  3. well get a card according to the processing power you have.

    what are your pc specs???

    motherboard has no role to play when it comes to bottlenecking a gpu
  4. processor: AMD FX 4100 @ 1406 MHz
    Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 5400 series
    Power supply: 500W
  5. get the amd r7 260x or the gtx 750ti....both are extremely good cards and will be perfect for you.


    oh...and by the way why is it that your fx 4100 is is a 3.6ghz processor.

    just reconfirm your processor speeds at the bios to ensure that you don't have your processor underclocked
  6. How do you do that??
  7. download cpu-z and check your speed. use this link:
  8. is it the core speed
  9. check if the core speed does go up when you do something demanding. like open up a an application or something
  10. i opened up a game and it went to 3800
  11. ok its fine don't have your processor underclocked.

    you can now go ahead with getting your gpu.

    good luck and have fun :)
  12. im gonna get the the r7 260x but i dont know weather to get the OC version or not HELP again please
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