Not getting boot post everything else works fans spinning

Hello, I was wondering if somebody could help me. Currently I am getting no post sings, no kind of video, no nothing from my motherboard.Everything is running the fans are spinning the motherboard has power. I can use the start button and everything else, seems to be working fine.
I would really kindly appreciate if somebody would be able to help me
Note: This is my first time building so please question me about beginner things, and basic things because I may not have build it correctly.

Rampage IV Black
Intel i7 4930k
Noctua NH D14
Geforce GTX Titan BLACK
Creative Sound Blaster Z
G Skill RipJaws 16gb 2133Mhz

I would really appreciate it, if somebody would be able to help :) Thanks!
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    Reseat the RAM and the video card. If that doesn't work, and your system also has onboard graphics out, remove the video card and try with the onboard video.
  2. Wouldn't ever realise something that easy would hvae fixed it :)
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