Can't Open any Programs?

So I'm trying to fix my mom's computer (you know how it is, viruses and toolbars to hell) and I figured it'd be best if I could just wipe everything completely and restore it to factory settings.
Every time I try to open the "Computer Management" it won't open... Neither will any other program for that matter. Chrome opens fine, and saved files open fine it's just computer programs like computer management (I can't open system restore or control panel either).
Is there anything I can do?
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    I've got a great suggestion for you. Download the AVG Rescue CD and install it to a disc or flash drive. When you boot, select the drive/disk and let the AVG CD boot. It boots into a secured Linux environment which prevents Windows viruses from initializing. Run the scanner and let it continue, which could last several hours depending on how many files there are. You can download it here:
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