Which of there will make the most powerful gaming laptop?

Hi all,
really finding it hard to choose a good gaming laptop. I'm in the uk so I think choices are a bit more limited I wanted a Lenovo with GT755M "SLI", but cant seem to find any good retailers selling here.

So I am left with these three choices:
Just want to know if there is much gaming difference between the three?

Also if there are any better laptops out there for same price being sold by English retailers please let me know. Its really hard to judge US laptop releases when buying in the UK, not only because of exchange rate, but also because of the VAT so its hard to go on US stores.

Thanks in advance guys.
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    Without a doubt the dominator (link 1) is the best - by 15-20% compared to link 2+ but is really heavy
    link 2 has a built in SSD and is like the middle weight, and also middly fast.
    link 3 is the lightest but also the weakest. again by around 20%
  2. Thanks Dasulman I will get that one then, plus comes with a free copy of titan fall. Saw a few videos on line with that system seems to hold ok on high end games like Battle Filed.
  3. oh yeah, it should handle everything at max without any hiccups; its just very bulky; though it does look awesome
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