Cannot activate windows after reinstallling , cannot troubleshoot no safe mode

Hi Everyone
Wonder if you can help me, had just had to reinstall Windows XP, from the original disc., not OEM . Now the system is asking for product activation, but I have no internet access as this has not been set up yet. I have looked at some possible solutions from various forums ,but they all say you need to get to the command prompt by going into safe mode. I tried to go to safe mode but F8 gets me to the boot menu. F10 or 12 does nothing and the machine boots as normal. How can remedy this, with no safe mode. The motherboard is an Asus from 2006.

Thanking you in advance for your time
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  1. The F8 boot menu will allow you to pick safe mode.
  2. Hello knight_of_baawa

    Thank you for your response, but the boot menu I get when I press F8 has Select a Boot first device. Underneath is a list ,for al hardrives , Cd roms and any floppy disks. it looks more like something you would find in the bios settings, there is no mention of safe mode. That's why I tried F10 because isn't that the usual boot menu. Thought they may have swapped them around, and that might be how to start safe mode.
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    Ok, select hard drives and then immediately tap F8 again. It will bring up the Windows boot menu.
  4. Getting to a command prompt won't help you activate if you don't have a network connection. Setup your network drivers first, then activate Windows. You don't need to activate it as the first thing you do.

    Install Windows, install chipset, network, video drivers, connect to the internet, install anti-virus, install the rest of the drivers, activate Windows, run Windows updates.
  5. If she can't get in because it requires activation before loading a user profile, she has to get into safe mode w/o networking. Then from there it's possible to load a network driver.
  6. Thanks for your help everyone. After I managed to get the right menu now everything is fine, windows has been activated.
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