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I have an internet connection of 120mbps and i reach 110-115 mbps with cable connection.
My torrent downloads are very fast 25-30mbps, but when i download a file (specifically rar files) directly from the internet it is very slow. For example a rar file of 200mb takes 20 minutes while with utorrent it's done in few seconds. Why is this? is there anyway to fix this? Or atleast to make it a bit faster?
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    You do understand that when you 'download' something, it also depends on what the server you are connected to can give...
    And that a torrent file is not from a central location, but little bits and pieces from potentially hundreds of other people.

    In the past, I've had a 'torrent file' literally take weeks.

    You can't 'fix' what they serve up. It is what it is.
  2. It is likely that your ISP is restricting these downloads as RARs are most often used to copy pirated software.
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