Build keeps freezing randomly after/during installing (latest) drivers


I've tried removing the SSD, moving ram around, formatting the hard drive and reinstalling the OS (about 4x), repairing the OS, start-up repair, and a system restore. Everything completely freezes and I am unable to do anything with the mouse and keyboard. This happens on the desktop while I am installing something. When I restart, the freezing will happen at random spots. Before the motherboard splash screen, at the windows logo, and then at the desktop. It usually gets worse, to the point where I am unable to start windows normally without the computer freezing and restarting, or upon turning on, it will restart multiple times.

I would appreciate any help. Is my only choice now to take my PC to a shop?
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    make sure you have the newest bios on the mb. in the bios make sure xmp profile is turned on so the mb set the ram speed up right. use hardware monitor check your cpu temps make sure the cpu cooler on right. boot from a memtest86 boot disk or usb stick run the test over night. in the bios look at your power supply voltage make sure there within atx spec and hold steady.
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    Based on your description, this sounds like a hardware problem. If you want to try identifying which component on your own there are some excellent boot disks that can be used.

    If you'd rather take it to a shop that would certainly save you a lot of frustration and time. Depends on what you want to do.
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