We had our main computer freeze and we cannot locate our software key code. Microsoft customer service was unhelpful.

We were unable to find the software discs, but we were able to pull the software off one of our labtops. However, we thought that Microsoft customer service would be of some help as they were the last time. However, all Cathy CSR wanted to do was sell us a new keycode for $100.00 then it went down to $69.99. Needless to say she was not helpful and rather rude. My question is- is there any way we can get the product keycode off the system that has the same registered software?
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  1. Tom's Hardware does not support "Keys" hacking or getting the 'key' out of a system. NO, you will need to BUY a new key sorry.
  2. All Windows 7 systems should have a COA sticker on them. As long as you can see the key on that sticker, you should be able to install Windows on the system again.

    Copies of the DVD's can be found here. You will NEED the COA(cd key) for it to work.
  3. Have you tried re-booting? A "computer freeze" is usually a temporary thing.

    It sounds like you want to re-install Windows, althugh you did not specifically say so. If you are determined to re-install Windows, the only way I know to get your license key from that disk, if it won't boot into Windows, is to connect the disk to another computer and use a license key finder program on it.

    1) Is the un-bootable computer a laptop or a desktop?

    2) Do you have a second computer to connect the boot disk to? If so, is the 2nd computer a laptop or a desktop?
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