Bsod after updating m5a97 r2.0

just tried to update my bios from 2101 to 2301. downloaded file, startet to flash. everything looks fine, going on and executed the wanted restart and then just black screen. all fans, drives and gfx running. No bios, no picture on monitor. tried turning on and of the monitor several times, tried clearing cmos, but no result ! what now ?
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    BIOS Flasback ^
  2. aint helping.. :(
    just blinks three times and then goes for solid green light...
    pc has to be off right ?
  3. There. now im back on. any reason to why this happened trying to update to the latest bios ?
    thx for the help by the way. renaming the flashback file did the trick !
  4. Glad to here.
  5. Sometimes there's a glitch , that's why they have these utilities.
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