GTX 480 SLI vs R9 270x (question)

Hi I am currently running 2 EVGA GTX 480's in SLI.
Which happen to work just fine other than being hot and loud.
I know a guy that is selling an R9 270x by HIS for 150.
I can sell my 480's for about a hundred a piece so I was wondering if it would be worth it to sell the 480's, buy the 270x for 150 and then get another 270x in about a month or so.

How much of an improvement, if any, are 2 r9 270x's in crossfire compared to a pair of 480's?
(just curious)

To be honest, I am running on an AMD 8350 setup and I almost feel like I would be just fine with 1 270x.
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    It would be an upgrade. A single 270X would be close to 20% better performance than a single GTX480.
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