Do I Need More SSD Storage?

I will try to be brief.

I currently have Windows 7 professional installed on a 128GB Plextor Max. I have most of my applications, and all of my Steam and Games installed on a 1TB cheap Seagate HDD. Everything runs OK, but I am thinking of upgrading to Windows 8.1. I am also thinking of getting a Samsung 250GB 840 EVO SSD to install applications and games on, and upgrading my HDD to a 3TB WD Red for media.

What gains will the second SSD get me?
I had seen somewhere that my steam application should be on the SSD and the game files could be saved on an HDD. What are your thoughts?
Would I be better off installing OS and programs on single 500GB SSD?

PS: on an entirely unrelated issue... Has anyone else noticed that Newegg now charges sales tax on order going to Indiana?

Thanks a bunch guys!
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    Faster load times on everything that will be installed on the second SSD.
    Steam client on SSD loads the client faster but not the game since it is coming of the HDD.
    I am quite happy with my setups with 120 GB SSD's OS and all programs but all games on a storage drive. If I want to I can install a game or two on the SSD and play from there but hardly ever do.
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