Router appears to shutoff internet for all computers except for one task on one computer

Hello, this is my first time using this forum and i would really like some help with an issue i have been having with my network. Whenever I run any sort of torrent/peer-to-peer download the router seems to shutdown internet for all the computers/devices on the network, including the computer the file is being downloaded onto. However the file continues to download and has no issues. This occurs no matter what computer I download it with. I have tried limiting download and upload, and qos on the server, but it still occurs. This has happened multiple times when i was torrenting debian for an older computer i have and also when i was updating a game that updates via torrent. If it is helpful I got an error message at 99% which stated the client had encountered a problem with http, and i had to restart the router to finish it.

I have 15mb download, 3mb upload internet provided through Mediacom and a Touchstone Telephoney Modem provided through them with a Linksys WRT54G router and a second WRT54G running as a bridge. Both routers have DD-WRT firmware installed. I typically have 4 pcs, a laptop, and my phone running off the network.These PCs are:

Additional info

Any and all help or suggestions are welcome
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