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Router appears to shutoff internet for all computers except for one task on one computer

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April 6, 2014 9:33:38 PM

Hello, this is my first time using this forum and i would really like some help with an issue i have been having with my network. Whenever I run any sort of torrent/peer-to-peer download the router seems to shutdown internet for all the computers/devices on the network, including the computer the file is being downloaded onto. However the file continues to download and has no issues. This occurs no matter what computer I download it with. I have tried limiting download and upload, and qos on the server, but it still occurs. This has happened multiple times when i was torrenting debian for an older computer i have and also when i was updating a game that updates via torrent. If it is helpful I got an error message at 99% which stated the client had encountered a problem with http, and i had to restart the router to finish it.

I have 15mb download, 3mb upload internet provided through Mediacom and a Touchstone Telephoney Modem provided through them with a Linksys WRT54G router and a second WRT54G running as a bridge. Both routers have DD-WRT firmware installed. I typically have 4 pcs, a laptop, and my phone running off the network.These PCs are:

    1. Optiplex 320 running with Ubuntu 13.04, mainly a media server, connected by lan
    2. Dell Dimension 2400 running Debian 7.4, connected by lan, mainlt used for large downloads/torrenting (Only occasionally on,)
    3. Optiplex 320 running windows xp, connected to second router
    4. HP Pavilion Slimline running Windows 7, connected by lan
    5. HP 2000 Laptop running windows 8.1/Ubuntu 13.04 dual boot, wireless connection
    6. Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch
    7. Raspberry PI Model B connected to TV to stream media, (only occasionally on)

Additional info

    internal network traffic is fine even when i can no longer access the web
    restarting the router restores normal service

Any and all help or suggestions are welcome

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