External Hard Drive Crc , Readonly , Raw Format Error

My hard drive have multiply error after i try to use a program formmater 32 i started to get a crc error on one partition then after trying to fix it my other partition got the crc error too. I try every program to fix but nothing wouldn't work. It still have the 2 portion showing it "Healthy (Primary Partition) for both but in RAW format stuck in read only and 8 unallocated. The hard drive doesn't click or make any noise It sound normal. The only thing i can't get through is the crc error and read only mode. I can't surpass the read only with the crc error in the way trying to fix it. I'm willing to do anything to fix it.


st975042 3as seagate

Serial # - j339

Interface - SCSI

Total Size - 715402
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    If you can't reformat it, then it's just a paper weight. Do you want to get data off it? How old is it?
  2. its a year old or 2 year old. It was from my old laptop which didn't work no more. When i first touch it it work perfectly but after trying to force format i just get error. I'm trying to use it again. I try all program like kill a disk but it came up with crc error
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