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Hello again,
I want to get myself a new HDD,probably the SSHD.. At the moment,i have SSD for OS which i admit i've made a mistake to installed the Origin the maps for BF4 kept coming and i have not had enough space there,maybe i cant even get any more Games from Origin in future.. My Steams Games is okay because i have installed it in D drive which is 500Gb HDD but the free space is getting smaller now..I planned to get 1 or 2TB SSHD and move the Origin and Steam there all in one place..I still want to keep my current HDD(old normal Western Digital).. I dont think its easy as Uninstall and Reinstall isn't it? Please help me..thanks in advance..
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    You can move those games from one drive to other, I add the links for how to.
    For Origin
    For steam
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