New RAM stick Corsair XMS 3 1600 MHZ 4GB - Computer won't boot

I just bought a new RAM stick; a Corsair XMS 3 1600 MHZ 4GB, and when I plugged in to the mother board next to my other ones my computer won't start. I receive a message 'overclocking or change of voltages' as the reason why it won't start. When I unplug it works fine. I have the same type of ram in each slot; 4 slots for 4 gigs of the same type. Can someone please help me? It's a CMX4GX3M1A1600C9.

I have overclocking turned off; maybe I need to turn it back on and try again? If it's due to voltages, anyway to get it set to match the others, and what can I do at this point? 12 gigs work fine, but I bought the 1 stick to replace one that had gone bad.
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    If you had a kit of four modules and one is defective, you should return the entire kit of four for replacement.

    Mixing memory modules , regardless of brand or model, is not guaranteed to be compatible. Compatibility is only guaranteed within each kit.

    You wrote, "I bought the 1 stick to replace one that had gone bad."
    The one you bought was never tested by Corsair to work with your existing kit, so you are assuming the responsibility for any compatibility testing. Also be aware that when using two kits of memory together, you may need to reduce the speed of the memory due to motherboard chipset limitations.
  2. I'll have to call where I ordered the computer to see if the RAM is still under warranty, or try calling Corsair. If it is under warranty I wouldn't be able to use my computer while I shipped the RAM to them and they ship is back which would probably take a while as well; not sure if I want to go that route. I believe they work in pairs as now I see on the motherboard two of the slots are a different color than the other two. Would ordering two together work if they go in the same color slots and they are of the same memory type? I'm going to try and find a local store that sells the same type of RAM and see if I can test it before I buy it.
  3. I just called Corsair and they replace all 4 for free as it has a life time warranty. Than you for the help.
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