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Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows a means by which I can avoid a virtual windows XP from noticing hardware changes in the host - in particular the CPU seems to be 'passed thru' from the host directly.
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  1. What do you mean exactly?
  2. What problem are you trying to avoid?

    Perhaps if you could explain why it matters that the VM sees the host's CPU someone might be able to offer a suggestion.
  3. What I need is for the virtual Windows XP not to know if it runs on a Xeon E7 or a n i5-3210M or whatever it is running on.
  4. Why?
  5. nevermind the why
  6. And what do you want it to think it is running on?

    Again, why you want this - and what you are trying to achieve - is important. The short answer to your original question is that you can't hide the CPU from the guest. But there may be another way to achieve your objective.
  7. Well if i don't know what you're trying to achieve i can't really give you any advise. But if you need to make use of an instruction set your CPU doesn't support that's not going to happen
  8. I don't need any instruction set not commonly available, I just want the system not to notice if it's running on different, still intel core i, hardware.
    It's being deployed to a multitute of computers and there is potentially an issue with the software in it if the cpu change is detected.
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    If the software is that sensitive to the CPU then I think you are out of luck. Most software just assumes the most generic CPU. What particular software is it that will only run on certain CPUs?
  10. some specialized stuff for controlling automation robots, but nevermind I'll find another way around it.
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