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I was wondering if a 680 2gb Superclocked will be able to function on my build with enough power, because I don't want to have to buy a new PSU.

- i5 4670 (Stock Cooling)
- Asrock Z-87 Extreme4
- 2x4gb DDR3 2400mhz RAM
- Samsung 840 EVO 120gb
- Seagate 320gb 7200rpm
- Corsair VS 450W
- And the EVGA 680 2GB Superclocked

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  1. At least 550 minimum (but better to get a little more). I would say get at least a 600 - 700. Extra head room never hurt. Also, PSU's put out less power over time, so you will just be extending the usage out of the PSU to get a little more.
  2. If you want to use a GTX680, you'll have to buy a new PSU. 450W is at the real low end of Wattages for PC's. Your 'system' (eveything but the graphics card) can use 300W. A GTX 750 or 750Ti will work with 450W. They have a 75W rating. A GTX 680 has a 195W rating (TDP). So you'd need at least another 120W = 570W plus. The next size up is either 600, 620 or 650W.
  3. It's not really the psu for it,but that said i do not think that it's necessary to change your psu for this,the 450watts should be enough and it has the necessary connectors for it.
    The 4670 isn't such a power hungry cpu too so you should be fine imo.
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    I agree with Vic. Is it possible, yes. Would I do it, no. The 680 has a TDP of 195 watts which means it will use 16.25 amps of the +12V rail. The Corsair 450 VS has a single 34A +12V rail. So there's enough amps left over to run the rest of your system and the power supply does OK with higher loads. However, they don't have quality capacitors. So, you're cutting it close, which is usually ill advised.

    I would honestly skip over the 680 and buy a 760 GTX. It's not that far behind the 680 GTX in terms of performance and it uses less power.
  5. Have a look at: You might need a smaller rating if you've got a really good PSU but then again if you've got extra fans, USB devices, LEDs, drives and want to overclock CPU and/or GPU then I'd stick to what they recommend and be happy in knowing I've got a bit of overhead room to play with.
    And you can get a 770 for the same price you used to get 680's but you'd need to bump the PSU a bit again.
  6. Oké,the gpu shouldn't be overclocked,which often only yields a few fps anyway when it's really going to matter and the cpu isn't for that anyway.
  7. Thanks guys. I am getting the 680 because its $190 USD from a friend. Will it damage anything if I try powering my system with a 450w?
  8. I don't think it will.
  9. Vic 40 said:
    I don't think it will.

    Sweet, because I really don't want to have to spend more money having to buy another power supply at this point. Eventually I will though, because I want to get more parts.
  10. If it does run , it won't last long , that PSU has poor capacitors and won't last under the stress.
  11. There's not enough amps on the 12v rail to support that setup with that card.
  12. I honestly don't think I deserved that best answer for this thread. As I said, it's technically possible but it's going to be close to fully loaded and the capacitors are crap.
  13. If it does power it up , which is doubtful it will be unstable and die quickly.
  14. barto said:
    it's going to be close to fully loaded .

    How do you come to that conclusion? I really like to know.
  15. Vic 40 said:
    How do you come to that conclusion? I really like to know.

    I feel like you're calling me out, but I'll explain my reasoning.

    There have been multiple versions of the VS450 over the years. The current VS450 has a single +12 rail that supports 34A which is 408 watts. The 680 GTX has a TDP of 195 watts which is 16.25A. The CPU has a TDP of 84 watts which is 7A. And then the motherboard would ball park be 50 watt TDP which is just over 4A. So the left over amperage on the +12 rail would be about 6A which is 81 watts. That means the +12 rail is under 80% loaded under ideal conditions with an overall load of at least 327 watts. Because the age of GPU and heat, all of these numbers are just ball parks. It could be higher, it could be lower. So I'll recant my "words in stone" as it won't be fully loaded. But, just from calculations, that's quite a bit of load on the VS450. As I said in my first post, possible yes. Would I do it, no.

    Feel better now?

    Also if this is an older VS450, you can forget running the 680 GTX. The older VS450 has two +12V rails that can only supply a combined power of 360 watts.
  16. barto said:

    The older VS450 has two +12V rails that can only supply a combined power of 360 watts.

    Maybe that khightman008 can shed some light onto that and look at the sticker on the side of the ps and give us that information.Looking at the rest of the parts and that these are relatively new is the psu probably also quite recent.

    Those tdp ratings are their maximum which the parts imo will not use during just gaming.If the ts is having a ball with prime95 and furmark together is it a different story.The answer is not to do things like that!

    I only have looked at some reviews to get some numbers and the highest usage in game (metro 2033) with the gtx 680 was about 365watts @ Anandtech,but with a heavily overclocked socket 2011 cpu,a i7 3960X@4.3ghz.The 4670 will not use as much power as that one.
    This is measured at the wall socket,efficiency comes still into play,so with a gold unit at 90% are you at ~320watts,this is still with that overclocked cpu.
    I don't take age of the psu into account and maybe at some point it is going to give problems,but imo will the ts be good with this for now.
  17. Just an update my computer is running fine plays all games well has been for a month now :D
  18. None of the VS are 80plus certified. Which is another nail in their coffin.
  19. knightman008 said:
    Just an update my computer is running fine plays all games well has been for a month now :D

    Glad to hear that.Like i said,if you just do things like that and not all kind of stresstests together will you be fine.Getting a better psu in time when having the money could still be a good choice though.
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