need urgent help

Hello everyone. Guys I've got some urgent questions: I'll be glad if you'd help:.
*firstly how you get to know the full model of the laptop. Like I know HP 2000 but the full model/version on windows 8

*secondly my computer is showing only 151gb on E and 97.6 and 48.4 on D and C respectively. The question how can it be so less. It should be around 350gb. The hard drive is this one http://
Is there any chance of some trick or something? There is also no HP support assistant I was expecting to see. Any help please!

Note that I don't have the box. Only the thing
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  1. This is the hard drive number: marshal mal2320sa t54
  2. 2.5 320 GB (s-ATA) HDD s-ATA MAL2320SA-T54 MARSHAL2.5HDD. 2.5 320 GB
    it 320, so it about right.

    ps. is not urgent
  3. Thanks. And what about the other question. If you can help me about it as well. And what does "2.5" in 2.5 320gb means?

    P.S it is kinda urgent for me at least(saying kindly)
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