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Hi, I am building my first PC and I dont have very much experience so im looking for some advice. Im trying to build an acceptable gaming pc for around 800 Australian dollars. Because I live in Australia it takes an age to receive pc components when I order them online so I am going to get all the parts from a local store and get them to build it for me. Or Should I just build it myself?

In terms of the pc build any advice is greatly appreciated. the things i am worried about is whether the PSU is good enough and if the case is a suitable size. thanks

CPU:Intel i5 4570






GPU: Sapphire R9 270x


With windows 7 the price comes to $854.
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  1. Well you will want to split up the ram for duel channel so get 2x2gb if your gonna use 4gb and that hard drive is garbage no offense but you do not want a 5400 rpm hdd that is terrible get a 7200rpm wd blue or black or get a ssd. Other than that looks ok.
  2. MAny problems:

    Your CPU and motherboard are not compatible. (need 1150 socket motherboard)
    PSU is pretty low quality. Replace with Antec, XFX, Seasonic, Corsair (ax, hx, tx)
    The HDD is a slow laptop HDD. You want a 3.5" 7200rpm drive.
    Get win 8.1. It is simple better.
  3. wow can belive i missed this that motherboaed wont work is for amd chipd you need a intel monterboard with an 1150 socket for that cpu.
  4. I would suggest you Look on Youtube and type in " How to build a Gaming PC" and there will be step by step videos by people. I suggest you go to newegg youtube channel. They are very helpful on first timers. It will save you alot of money from having someone build it for you.
  5. Seems like the motherboard you linked is designed for AMD cpus.
    Try this.
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    Change the PSU to an Antec, XFX, Corsair (not CX, CS, RM), Seasonic.

    Change the RAM to 1600mgz 2x4gb kit. Not a single stick.

    Motherboard does not fit in the case. There are ZERO AMD motherboards in the mini ITX form factor so you need a new case.
  7. Ok Thanks for that tiny voices. do you think once i change those things it will be a decent rig for the price?
  8. Yeah, it will be a solid buy.
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