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Hi! I've been reading stuff from Tom's Hardware for a while now and using it to research problems I've experienced with my PCs, but I just signed up now.
I had a question regarding my PC's ram.
I have an EVGA P55 LE Motherboard with an Intel i5 750 2.66 Ghz CPU and had a set of Kingston KVR1333D3D9/2G RAM modules. One of the modules was causing crashes all the time, but would never show up with any errors when I scanned with Memtest. However, more recently I did a test just after I got a BSOD and found that the module was full of errors so I removed it. I'll be taking a trip back to Europe next month and I'd like to purchase another set of RAM since 2 GB is not much.
I was thinking of getting a pair of 4GB modules since the EVGA P55 LE supports only 16 GB that way if I ever determine that I need more I can always add an additional set. All was good and well except that I wasn't sure what RAM to buy.
I searched on the EVGA site for compatible RAM, but they only seemed to show 1-2 GB Modules.
I went on Crucial, Corsair, and Kingston's websites and searched for compatible RAM however I noticed that Amazon tends to sell a fair bit cheaper.
For instance, Crucial sells the CT2KIT51264BA160B at $91.99 while Amazon sells it at $73.72 or even $60.85 although that goes under the model number of CT2CP51264BA160B. Is there a reason for Amazon's cheaper price? Is it safer to stick to buy from the brand's website directly?
Another question I had is that the one on Crucial says 1.5V while the Amazon one says 1.35/1.5V is there an actual difference there as they're both the CT2KIT51264BA160B?
Something else I wanted to ask about was just what makes a RAM module compatible with a Motherboard? For instance, does the RAM have to 1.5V exactly or is 1.35/1.5V fine? I'm pretty sure the P55 does not support more than DDR3-1600, but should any module that's 1.5V and DDR3-1333 or DDR3-1600 be okay?
Sorry for asking so many questions. I don't travel go to Europe very often so I want to make sure that I get a compatible module.
If you know of any good modules that are compatible with the P55 LE then I would very much appreciate any advice. Also I've been looking mainly at Kingston, Crucial, and Corsair, but if there are other good brands that are worth me looking at please recommend as well. I think I'm looking for the cheapest module I can find that still comes from a reputable brand. Speed is not tremendously important to me at the moment.
Thank you so much, if you've managed to read this far and advice would be highly appreciated.
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  1. I would find a good DDR3 kit: 2 x 4 GB of 1600Mhz @ 1.5volts. Your board specs say that it can OC to 2000MHz plus. Don't know if your CPU can handle that much though. Look for a kit on sale.
  2. If your OS is only 32-bit, then you can only use 4GB of ram. Then you should get the same I mentioned above, only 2 x 2GB 1600Mhz @ 1.5V.
  3. Oops, forgot to mention that I'm running Windows 7 64-bit.
  4. Good! Look for a 8GB kit then.

    The default voltage 1.5V. So to make it easier with one less spec to tweak, get 1.5V memory.
  5. So far the cheapest I've found is the G.SKILL Ares Series going for $64.99 at Newegg:
    I haven't found anything at Amazon either that matches the price.
    Just wondering how Newegg do it for shipping though?
    This module should be compatible with my system, right?
    I looked in Amazon, Newegg, and PCPartPicker, but this was the cheapest I found.
    I'm not sure where else I should look for "sales."
    Oh, and I searched for Corsair, Crucial, G.Skill, HyperX, Kingston, Micron, Mushkin, and Samsung.
    Are there other brands that I should look into?
  6. Here's a good kit.

    I have used Team memory in several builds recently and they work great. Nothing bad to say about Team memory here.

    You may even be able to OC above 1600MHz some if you want.
  7. Best answer

    Here's the correct link. I posted the wrong link in the message above.
  8. Thanks, spooky2th! I will look at the options available when I go which will be later this month.
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