guide me to build my GAMING PC

I know so little about computer so I need you guys to help to build my gaming pc

this is the specs of my pc I thinking to build:

motherboard - MSI MS7845 Z87-GD65-G INTEL Z87 S1150 MB

processor - INTEL CORE I5-4440 PROCESSOR LGA1150

graphic card - MSI GF N750GTX-TI PCIE 2GB DDR5 128BIT


hard drive - WD CAVIAR BLACK 1TB 64M SATA-6

power supply - AEROCOOL STRIKE X 600W PSU

monitor - SAMSUNG 24in S24C350HL LED LCD MONITOR

chassis - C/MASTER K350 CHASSIS

and one more thing can you guys explain to me that DDR3 on motherboard and DDR5 on the graphic card. If it different does it mean the graphic card does not suit the motherboard?

I am from Malaysia and this is all I can afford to buy for now. My bugget in "Malaysia Ringgit" is around "RM4000" if in dollar I think it will be around 1000 - 1500 dollar. I check using google currency lol -

hope you guys can help me. :3
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    That is a well put build actually. Let me make it even better for you.
    Replace some of the parts.
    Cpu :
    Motherboard :
    Graphics Card :

    I think I am still under your budget. Your build : cpu+motherboard+gpu= RM1907.
    My recommendation : cpu(rm 540=$165)+r9 270x gpu($219)+motherboard($133)=$517 which is RM1692.
    So which still leaves you with RM300. So you can buy a nice cpu cooler with it.
    I think this cooler should be enough :
    I still think there will be few bucks left, if components in Malaysia are a bit highly priced, which I think they are not, you can easily make it up with it.
  2. If you follow my recommendation then you might get 40-50% better performance than your current build.
  3. For a motherboard I would recommend a saber-tooth black edition... I swear by this mother board
  4. thank you. You guys really help me a lot
  5. CHLOE1 said:
    For a motherboard I would recommend a saber-tooth black edition... I swear by this mother board

    Sure, Sabertooth is really good, especially for overclocking.
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