How to overclock an FX 6300 and what cooler to use

Hey everyone,

I'm looking to do some overclocking to my cpu. I know there are plenty of threads on this already and I'm sure I can find a guide somewhere. My main question at the moment, since I'm not actually ready to start occ'ing anything just yet, is what is a good after market cooler that will work well for what I'm after but also isn't very expensive? I would also like to be able to find one that won't get in the way of my ram. As of right now, I do have an aftermarket cooler of some sorts. It came from a buddy's old pc. First off, I don't know the actual name of it( its just say's amd on the fan) but it's definitely about 3 times the size of the stock cooler that came with the 6300, and with fancy copper tubing around it(not sure how much that matters). When playing games like arma, dayz and battlefield 4, my temps are usually around 55 to 62 degrees C, and around 30(give or take) when idle. Does it sound like I need a better cooler to overclock? I would be looking to take it to no more than 4.0ghz really. Mainly just to avoid any potential bottle necking of my gpu when i upgrade to crossfire, at least i read that that was a good idea when running crossfire with this particular cpu.

Here are my pc specs:

evga 500w psu
6 gb of ram
FX 6300 3.5ghz
visiontek HD 7870 ghz edition, 2gb

Thanks in advance
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  1. To overclock an FX 6300, you have two options. The best way is to go into the BIOS manually and set the frequency and voltages there or use AMD Overdrive which is a little clunky to this day.

    Don't use a stock cooler when overclocking. The stock cooler can only sustain stock speeds so don't overclock till you have a good CPU Cooler, speaking of a CPU cooler, I'd recommend a Corsair Water cooler such as the H100i or H80i
  2. cool. but do i have to get a liquid cooler? a buddy of mine has a massive cooler that looks to be almost the size of a desk fan. it's just a huge heatsink and fan that he ended up not using since he's not going to overclock anything. I was thinking about buying it off of him if it's compatible with my rig. would something like that not be enough?
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    Find out the brand and model, I'd suggest a Hyper 212 EVO for your CPU, very good and reasonable (about $35)
  4. Before we get too far on suggestions. What is your case?
  5. ohyouknow said:
    Before we get too far on suggestions. What is your case?

    I will honestly have to wait til i get home tonight and check that out. It's an old case that i got from a friend. I'm not even sure that I've ever noticed a name on it anywhere, however, it's a fairly good size with ample room for a full size atx board and all the other components. It was a gaming computer that he custom ordered a long, long time ago, I'm guessing like 10 years ago maybe less. I'd say that my case is approximately 10 inches wide though. Is that what you were wanting to know? Sorry, i'm at work right now.
  6. For the EVO cooler want it about 8-8.5 inches wide
  7. Tradesman1 said:
    For the EVO cooler want it about 8-8.5 inches wide

    Yeah I was pretty interested in the evo after you had originally mentioned it. So, I guess I should have no problems with that one in my case. If i can overclock to at least 4ghz, for 35 bucks, i'll take it. Now, i just need to figure out how to overclock a cpu ;)

    Guide , read from start to finish ^
  9. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Guide , read from start to finish ^

    Looks good, will do. Thanks a lot for the help
  10. We are always glad to help , thanks for posting.
  11. Let us know how you like the EVO and how all goes !
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