Cannot login to client machines

Our domain controller went down and I've had to spend all weekend building another one. It's up and running and I've gotten about 80% of the machines moved over.

I cannot seem to login to the others. It appears their local cache of logins from the old domain has been cleared and the local admin accounts are disabled. I've tried logging in with my own credentials from the old domain as well as having the primary users try.

Even in safe mode the local admin account says its disabled.

What can I do?
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  1. Reload these machines, and then add them to the new domain.

    Set up multiple domain controllers so you don't lose the domain.
  2. Reload as in reinstall windows?
  3. Ok I figured something out. Safe Mode and Safe Mode with networking were getting me no where. But for some reason safe mode with command prompt worked. It remembered my old domain credentials. So I was able to login and re-enable the local admin account.

    Oddly there's one machine where even that hasn't worked. But at least it's the only one now.
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    Look at NT Password:

    I use that to enable and clear the local admin account of a computer I can't access. It will need to be burned to a CD or use uniboot to create a bootable linux usb.
  5. Jeff, I was a little afraid to use one of those utilities but that one worked beautifully. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. I am glad you were able to fix the issue. That is a nice little piece of software that has gotten me out of so many jams.
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