Will this system run games at high/ultra settings?

My PC Specs
CPU: Intel Core i5 4670k
Graphics Card: Asus GTX 760 OC 2GB GDDR3
Ram: 8GB Crucial Ballistix Sport XT
CD/DVD Drive: ASUS Blu-ray Drive with CD/DVD
Hard Drive: Western Digital 7200RPM 1TB Hard Drive
Motherboard: ASUS Z87-A
Case: Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower
Power Supply: CORSAIR CX series CX500 500W
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  1. Yes it will. Change to GTX 770 and it will max out EVERYTHING.
  2. Best answer
    Yes it will. I have the 4670k + 760 combo, and I play everything I have on Ultra. I would get a better quality power supply if you can, the CX series is built using cheap capacitors.
  3. Yup it should run almost anything on high. it should run a lot of games on ultra too expect lower frame rates tho espeacally in bf4 you really need a 770 for bf4 on ultra.
  4. why CX series PSU . you can buy a better option like xfx xtr 650 . otherwise it is good to go
  5. I agree with hitechobssed i just burned out my cx500 after a month of moderate usage.
  6. K i will look into getting a better power supply
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