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Hello all.

The problem I'm having is keeping my custom gaming PC connected to the Internet. Just over a month ago our old router went kaput and since then my PC Struggles to get connected and has an even tougher time staying connected (wireless. My PC is too far away to use an Ethernet) Often showing the white signal bars as full but not actually able to use anything that requires Internet (browser included). There are other computers, tablets and TVs in the house all of which connect with no problems it's just mine.

I have tried renewing the ip with only temporary success. I appreciate this gives very little to go on so please ask any questions that will help you help me. Please don't assume any tech knowledge on my part what so ever
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    Try to assign a static IP to that particular PC on your network (give it an IP, then restrict the DHCP range of your router to exclude that particular IP; that way, the router will not assign that IP value to any of the other devices).
    If that still doesn't work you can always connect it to your router via Ethernet by using a Powerplug kit.
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