Graphics Cards ranging from $500-$750 for Triple Monitor gaming and Recording

So I'm currently rolling with a GALAXY 660 running triple-monitor surround (5960x1080). I get decent 60 FPS readings when playing games like TF2 on High-ish settings. However if I want to record something, I have to switch to one monitor to record.

I'm thinking of something from a 290X to a 780Ti, where I can max out games like TF2 and get High (or better) on games like BF4 WHILE recording only one monitor. (That way only one monitor is recorded, but I get to play with three)

Any suggestions as far as a card? If anything, I just want to know if the 780Ti can do what I want without melting!

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  1. The Ti is probably your best bet there. (Depending on CPU)
  2. As long as you're sticking to just TF2, I think you should be fine. But a lot of the streaming portion has to do with your CPU, and you didn't really list it, so that doesn't help.
  3. I have 2 780 Ti's in my personal system and they work great for my 1440p PLS panel monitor. before I only had one and it still did an amazing job because when I upgraded to my first TI I had 2 gtx 780's in sli so I sold both and waited for the funds for the 2nd 780 ti for about a week. but in the downtime the 780ti still performed amazingly fast while also staying cool. I had about a 10-15% overclock on the card and it seemed stable. I currently have them both water cooled now but the 780 ti is amazing for what you are doing.
  4. 780 Ti and the 290X are both good options with their own good features. The 780 Ti is a more powerful chip with lower power consumptions, lower temperatures, and therefore generally lower noise with most coolers, and sports things such as GeForce experience, ShadowPlay (which is great for recording and requires almost no CPU power which is great), better optimization for some games, GPU Boost 2.0, and a few other things, as well as a great drivers, including a new Driver update that is almost as good as Mantle and in a few cases even a touch better. On the other hard, AMD cards are generally a bit cheaper, offer better game bundles with the cards themselves if you get one, are leagues better at Cryptocurrency mining, better optimization for some games, generally larger VRAM quantities, higher temperature operation thresholds, bridgeless Crossfire with select cards, etc etc. In the end it is a personal preference, but I think I would go for the 780 Ti.

    Also, what processor do you have?
  5. Wow, thanks for the quick responses! I have an i5-3570k (overclocked a bit), but I don't plan to stream, I just want to record occasionally. I am also interested in video editing with Adobe products (Which I know the 780Ti would be good for anyways)
  6. Adobe benefits hugely from nvidia video cards. You can actually read about video editing and other applications like it and how the gtx 780 ti performs vs the r9 290x Not even the 780 ti which would have better results
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    Yeah then go for the 780Ti, its the best bet here.
  8. Thanks for all the help everyone! Ended up buying a Windforce. I think it will work just fine! :-)
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