4TB external HDD, witch one is the best? STDT4000100 or STBV4000100?

This one is 20 dolars more expensive:

- Seagate Backup Plus 4TB Desktop External Hard Drive STDT4000100

This one is cheapper:

- Seagate Expansion 4TB Desktop External Hard Drive STBV4000100

I'm planing to buy two and disasamble them and use as internal hard drives in the future (in raid 0). So i need to know if the newer model ( STDT4000100) has improved the speed or it has less platters.

Witch one would be better? Thank you very much for the answers.
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    Doesn't matter, Seagate only makes one 4tb drive and its 5900rpm's.
  2. Thanks popatim, but supose the newer model has one less platters, it would be faster, don't you think so?
  3. Do you really think Seagate would make a 4 TB drive with one less platter and Tom's wouldn't announce it? :-) I would opt for the lower cost of the two units and call it good, since actual performance of the drive in the enclosure is likely to be the same, as popatim said.
  4. Thanks Popatim again, I have piked your answer as a best sollution.

    Thanks BigPinkDtragon, I wouldn't know if tom openned or not the enclosure, that's why I asked. I'm planning to open the enclosure and use it as internal, but thank you very much for you answer. ;)
  5. To be honest, bought a Seagate 4 TB external a while back for the same purpose. The external was quite a bit cheaper than the internal at the time, and after removing the drive, it had the exact same model number as the internal unit being sold along side it. I repurposed the external enclosure as it's USB 3 interface didn't bottleneck the older drive I dropped into it.

    Here's a good write up on the disassembly procedure, if you need:
  6. Thank you very much for your tip how to open it and for the benchmarks. I liked the numbers
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