Hard Drive nearly dead

Hi all;

So I brought a couple external hard drives from dick smiths (the 4tb external seagate expansion desktop drive) but they keep dying, and now I have decided to go back to internal drives, hopefully they will last longer.

The problem is I only have 5GB left in the 4TB hard drive so I am wondering if I was to buy 2 3GB hard drives, is there a way to partition them into a 6 GB single Drive?

Also what is a nice FAST hard drive to buy? as I am streaming of these hard drives to my media center A LOT

Thanks for the help in advance
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  2. Sorry forgot to add, since I have had the 4TB external drive my media centre has been struggling to buffer, would that be because of the speed of the hard drive, my 3TB seems to work no problem
  3. You have problems getting data to go quick enough through USB2.0 ports. USB3.0 is a lot better. But internal SATA connections are faster again. 3.5" drives are faster than 2.5 inch drives. The Seagate internal 3.5inch HDDs are pretty good.
  4. ok thanks, will order a couple 4TB that sort out my lack of place for a while :)
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