hp scanjet 2200c windows 7

I need an alternative software to my old HP Scanjet 2200c running Windows 7
may help ?
thanks in advance
Tito (BR)
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  1. {sigh} not gonna work... I retired mine... It is not even working on my Mac anymore...
  2. There is a program you can get that works with some scanners http://www.hamrick.com/ but you may as well spend the money on a new scanner unless this is the scanner that's been in your family for generations and you really want to keep it for sentimental reasons.
  3. for Win7 32bit the XP-Driver should still work.

    Well it worked in my case, untill I doubled the RAM and installed Win7 64bit.

    Now I'm searching for an alternative driver.
    probably a universal driver or sth.
  4. Hi SuriVirus
    If you find it please tell me.
  5. Old question, but if someone needs their old HP 2200c scanner to work, just use the XP 32bit driver as was suggested . . . but that will only work on Windows 7 32bit.

    In my case, all my PC's are now 64bit. So I use a virtual machine with a 32 bit version of windows. Works fine for me that way. I know it's an old scanner, but I rarely have to use one, and it still functions perfectly. I see no reason to toss good hardware when there is an easy workaround the software issues. Besides, I use my virtual machine to play some really old games, so it was just a matter of installing the driver.
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