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Hi guys I am wondering if there is a case under 50 dollars canadian funds (I live in canada) I am looking for a case that has good air flow and at least 2 fan slots on the top (for a radiator)
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    any time I'm doing a budget build, I grab a raidmax case. I know on newegg USA right now, they have a bunch on sale, + extra 15% off promo code, + a $15 mail in rebate.

    So basically there's 10 different raidmax cases to check out for the $30 to $50 range after rebate.

    I've used like 5 for budget builds, I've never had a problem with any of them
  2. Hopefully the exchange rate works out
  3. do you have anymore suggestions
  4. Have a look at: and pick one then search on line for reviews. Keep doing that till you've found one you're happy to pay for.
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